Filter function not working ,need urgent help

Hello team,

I have one Calculated member called Biz. stories in Backlog ,I want to filter number of issues from it where Case #01 Orphan ?“=Yes” .I am trying below formula .
But getting error ,Formula is not valid:
MDX object ‘[[Measures].[Biz. stories in Backlog (A)]’ not found in cube ‘Issues’
Can you please help me on priority.

Filter(Descendants([[Measures].[Biz. stories in Backlog (A)].CurrentMember,
[Measures].[Case #01 Orphan ?]=“Yes”


Hello @Chhaya_Gadade

​Thanks for posting your question!

​I recommend trying a tuple function (Tuple) I have pasted below. For it to work, you should import your custom field “Case #01 Orphan ?” as a dimension.

[Measures].[Issues created],
[Case #01 Orphan ?].[Yes]

​If this still doesn’t solve the problem or return the expected values, please export and share the definition of your eazyBI report and send it to referring to this community post.
instructions on how to export the report definition:
Export and import report definitions
Best wishes,
Elita from