Filter in Dimensions

In my report, I have to filter based on some existing labels, issues can contain multiple labels.
Suppose, I have three labels L1, L2 & L3.

I need to show counts of all issue containing L1 & L2 and should not contain L3.

Hi @kuldeep.u

Label is a multi-value field in Jira and eazyBi by defaults import it as multi-value dimension “Label” where each issue would be counted for each label that it has. In the case of multiple labels per issue, it would doublecount the issue if all represented labels are used to filter the report.

In your case, you could try using import options page to import new CSV Label dimension from label field with all the differnent combinations into a single-value dimension members.
Then filter the report by “CSV Label” selection “label1,label2” to find issues where just 2 labels are represented.
See the solution explained here: Jira JQL in EazyBI Custom Measure as a Filter - #2 by Elita.Kalane

Martins / eazyBI