Filter Issues based on parent field

I have a graphic with Epics grouped by status over two weeks time.

Epics are children from Themes. I want to filter the Epics with the “Fix Version” field from the parent Theme.

How can I do it? seems like the relationship is missing as I am trying to filter with a parent field…

Hi @Jacqueline_Bordin,

From the screenshots, it looks like you use Advanced Roadmaps to organize issues. In this case, yuo can pass down the Fix Version of the parent issues, like the Theme, to the child issues epics, stories, and sub-tasks under the Theme.

  1. Create a link field dimension “Theme Fix Version”. If the the Theme is right above Epic, then the settings might look like this:

    name = "Theme Fix Version"
    source_dimension = "Fix Version"
    issue_key_column = "jpoh_parent_3"
    group = "Linked issue dimensions"

    Check out the Community post on a similar use case explaining how to find the correct value for the issue_id_column parameter.

  2. Go to import options, tab "Additional options and select the new field “Theme Fix Version” for data import. Import data.

  3. In the report, use the new dimension “Theme Fix Version” on pages to filter all issues by the Fix Version assigned to the Theme issue.

Here is documentation on link field dimensions and several examples: Issue link field dimensions.

Zane /

Thanks for replying Zane. The code seems to work but I did not find the issue_id_column and could not find any solution that worked in the community.
Do you know where I can find it?

@Jacqueline_Bordin, the issue_id_column is a parameter name for the settings if you want to pass down the field value through the issue Epic hierarchy. You won’t find any measure or dimension by such a name in the eazyBI. For example, if yuo want to inherit the Epic values, use issue_id_column = "epic_id".

On the other hand, if you would like to pass down the field values for the Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy, the correct parameter name is issue_key_column. For example, issue_key_column = "jpoh_parent_3"
I fixed the code in my initial response and updated the parameter name; I apologize for the mistake.

Here are more details on both parameters: Issue link field dimensions

Here is the community post on how to detect the hierarchy level number (jpohX) for the Advanced Roamaps hierarchy: