Filter Issues by Label in Timedimension

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I’m trying to filter Issues with specific Label. This is no Problem.

But when i want to do it in time Dimension in Rows, it doesn’t work. I read here, that this is not possible because of missing history Information in multi Fields.

Is there a work around for the following metric?

Issue Status Over Time with (Issuetype = Problem and Label != “CR”)?

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The label is a dimension imported from a multi-value Jira field (multiple labels can be added to the issue).
For such dimensions, eazyBI does not import change history.
Therefore, when filtering report by “Label” results will be calculated based on the current issue label, not based on historical labels.
If you need to see historical changes we would recommend using some single-value field instead.
eazyBI can import change history for single-value Jira custom fields.
Status history can be seen when using “Transition Status” dimension together with “Issues history” measure and “Time” dimension members

Martins from eazyBI support

Hey @martins.vanags
thanks for your reply.

The thing is, that i dont’t really need the historical Data of this Label. The Current Labels would be fine for me. I just need to Filter the Issues with one Label.

Currently i have all Issue with Issue Type = “Problem” over the time in Rows and the Status in Columns. So far so good. No Problem at all.
But i need to filter these issues with the (current) Label, because i want only the Problems without the Label “CR”.

Is there a Workaround, if i don’t really need all the historical Data of the Labels?

One quick idea would be creating a separate eazyBI account where you use the JQL filter to exclude issues with the label “CR”. That would import all other issues except those in the account and you don’t need to create some calculations to exclude issues by label - it means reports would run much faster.
Then you could create a report where you filter the dimension “Project” in pages and show the number of issues (measure: “Issues history”) with Transition Status dimension member in time.
Measure “Issues history” would calculate the number of issues in displayed status at the end of each particular time period.

There could be a way to create a calculation but usually dealing with multi-value fields when you need to exclude something is a complex query behind the report and it can make the report slow.

Martins / eazyBI

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