Filter Member in Tuple by End Date

I need a Measure, which prints “1” in row cell*, when Member is in this filter:

issuetype = CTE and enddate > "2023-03-15"
  1. I’ve Imported “End Date” as Measure,Property and can deal with it as
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('End date')
[Measures].[Issues with End date] --printed in report table like "Apr 04 2022"
  1. I can see that this Tuple mostly works as I need
[Measures].[Issues with End date],
[Issue Type].[CTE],
[Time].[2023].[Q1 2023].[Mar 2023]

but how to filter this Tuple with enddate > "2023-03-15"?

*the structure of levels I’m working with you can see in this thread


Great that you have imported this date both as a property and a measure!

If you have issues in the report rows, you can use CASE WHEN construction where you compare the imported End date property with your target date and return 1 if, for this issue, the end date is larger than March 15, 2023. For comparing dates, use the DateCompare function

case WHEN
 DateCompare([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('End date'), 

Also, you may add the “Issue type” property in columns and filter by this column: Regular expressions

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