Filter not working as expected

I’m currently having the issue with the below report. When I add Resolution to the pages and try to filter on ‘Done’ it comes up with one ‘Unresolved’ issue, even though there are fields that meet the correct criteria:

Does anybody know why this would be happening?
Thanks in advance

eazyBI tries to show valid issues according to measures and calculations used in the report. Most probably there might be some historical measures used in formulas. It will show issues that might have some values before.

If you would like to see only issues that match the report filters currently, you can consider adding some measures representing the current state of the issue. The most general is the measure Issues created.

Add measure Issues created to the report. Click on the header of this measure and select the option Filter rows. Then set the filter criteria, for example, > 0. Then, you can remove the measure Issues created from the report. The filter will remain.

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Hi Daina, thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve added issues created and filtered it as above. However, I’m still facing issues. When I filter ‘Done’ it now shows no issues. But when I filter by '(unresolved) it works as expected. Any idea how to solve this one?

Thanks again

I suggested using a measure for filtering. While Issues created could work for many cases, it might not work here.

You would like to check the logic behind the current measures used in the report, the cycle time in particular. It is used as the report filter together with measure Issues created. You would like to check if they work together well.

I would need more details to provide a more precise answer. Please describe the use case of the report and share the report definition. You can share this via

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