Filter on Initiative Fix Version but include child issues

I have a report where I want to see all the Advanced Roadmap Initiatives that are targeted to a particular fix version. Plus all the children issues (epics, stories etc) in drilldown and the percentage resolved.
My report works correctly, using the Issue Dimension and selecting “Initiative” from the Advanced Roadmap selection in hierarchy level members. I can get the Issue name, issues created/resolved/open & Issues resolved %. This allows me to drill down to the child epics and get their associated issues created/resolved/open & Issues resolved %.
However I cannot filter this report to the top level, Initiative, Fix version, and keep all the children information.
Reason is that the top level Fix version is a major release number (i.e 3.0) while all the child issues are minor release versions (i.e. 2.2.1). So when I filter it excludes all the child issues and my % resolved incorrect.
How can I report on the large initiatives that are going into the upcoming release, with all their children and the correct % resolved. Is this possible?

Hi @clarechawke ,

Try to define a new issue link filed dimension for Initiative Fix Versions. This is possible for select system fields, including Fix Version. For more details, see the eazyBI documentation page - Issue link field dimensions.

In the documentation page, you will also find some examples of defining such dimension in the eazyBI advanced settings.

For the Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy “Initative” level, specify parameters similar to the one below:

name = "Epic Fix Version"
source_dimension = "Fix Version"
issue_key_column = "jpoh_parent_X"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

As noted on the documentation page, replace X in the jpoh_parent_X with the appropriate value:

Use a parent level number 1,2,3,… instead of X counting parent levels on top of sub_tasks. 1 for story/standard issue level (jpoh_parent_1), 2 for epic level (jpoh_parent_2), 3 …

Roberts //