Filter on Issuetype, where cusstomfield has a specific value

Dear community,
The goal of the report should be the comparison of hours spent between internal logged time and time which we have spent for supporting our customers.

We have a specific issuetype, which is called “Timelog” for internal activities, like documentation. Until here it would be easy. But we have on those timelog issues a customfield “Internal / External” (ID:18404), where we want to flag, if we want to report on activities or not.

Example: We have a lot of “first analysis”-activities, which we cant register on client support tickets. But this is not an internal driven activity, it is more customer related. This “Timelog”-Issue we have flagged as external.

I’m open for other suggestions (in case labels … would be easier).

Any idea how we can achieve the comparison:

  • Hours spent on Timelog-Issuetype with “internal” flag vs
  • hours spent on All other Issuetypes + Timelog with "external flag?

Thanks in advance,

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