Filter property in calculated member formula

Hello, I want to have the dimension issue filtered by the issue property “security-related”. The property is a single-choice field which could get the value “Yes” or “No”.

The result lists all issues “Yes” and “No”.
Any idea what is wrong?


Hi @bruno_i,

The calculation has incorrect syntax, so it is not working as expected. The calculation goes through Projects in the Issue dimension instead of Issues. More details on naming conventions in eazyBI can be found here: Calculated measures and members.
We do not recommend creating calculated members in the “Issue” dimension. The issue dimension typically has thousands of issues, and this type of calculation would significantly impact report performance.

The best approach is to import the custom field “Security-Related” as a dimension in eazyBI.
You can then use this dimension on report rows or pages to group and filter data by Yes or No values. This is a more flexible solution and won’t have a negative impact on report performance.
More details on how to import custom fields can be found here: Jira custom fields.

Best regards,
Zane /