Filter results on Project OR Component

I have built a simple report that leverages Page-level filters for Issue Type, Status, Project and Component. However all filters are applied with an implicit AND between them. Is there a way to see data with an OR?

Ideally, based on the selection, I would like the results to be [Issue Type] AND [Status] AND ([Project] OR [Component]). Is there a way I can aggregate this?

Just for context, one example of how this would be used is that I’m interested in looking a all Epics that are Not Closed and belong to either the project “Compliance” or have a component of “Compliance.”

Thank you.

Hi @JoeC,

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If you use the Issue dimension “Issue” level members in the report rows, you can define a calculated measure to indicate an issue is from the particular Project or with the particular Component. After that, you can use the measure to filter the report rows and display only relevant issues.

The calculated measure formula could look similar to the one below:

CASE WHEN [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Project key') == 'PROJ_KEY'
OR [Measures].[Issue components] MATCHES '.*(^|,)Compliance($|,).*'

Please replace PROJ_KEY with the “Compliance” Project key. After defining the calculated measure, you can add it to the report and filter the report rows by it. See an example below:

After that, you can remove the measure from the report, and eazyBI will retain the filter.

See more details on defining calculated measures here - Calculated measures and members.

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