Filter Story Points by Custom Field and Epic

I am trying to create a custom Measure that will give the story Points filtered by a Custom field that = yes and if the Epic Link = a specific Epic Number

Descendants([Capitalization].[Yes], [Epic Link].[(no project)].[PSPCA-140]),
[Measures].[Story Points resolved] > 0
), [Measures].[Story Points resolved])

Hi Brian,

Is this custom field as dimension? In that case I would guess that the correct way would be this:

([Capitalization].[Yes], [Epic Link].[(no project)].[PSPCA-140], [Measures].[Story Points resolved])

Or you can just put the custom field dimension “Capitalization” in pages and select the “Yes” member.

Gvido Neilands,,
eazyBI service partner

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Thanks for your help I was close but you solved the issue for me - thanks