Filter time and need to hide time dimension


I have imported all data with sql source application.
then I put system name on Rows and put the issue created count on columns. I need the issue created count information for issues which be created only after jan 1 2019 for all systems.

I dont want to put the time dimension into pages since user selecting need to be disabled, and also I dont want to put time dimension into rows since time dimension will be displayed in chart and affect chart.

How to hide time dimension, and the same time to make sure all issue created count information which displayed in the chart are counted from jan 1 2019?
please help, Thanks


The safest and most efficient solution to limit the issues by a date is to not import into account the unnecessary issues. Perhaps, that will make the account very specifically designed for a limited use case.

If you still need other issues in the account and wish to avoid the time dimension in the report, you can create the custom measure on top of the Issue count measure to show only issues created within year 2019.

([Measures].[Issues created],

Janis, eazyBI support

Thanks a lot for help Janis!