Filtering by Fix Version/s across projects

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We manually define the same values for Fix Version/s across multiple projects. In JQL, my queries for a specific value (e.g., “R2018a”) find all the right issues. However, in EazyBI, when I try to use the Fix Version/s dimension in Pages, as a filter, I don’t see how I can say “show me all the R2018a Fix Version/s across all my projects”. Instead, when I hit the dropdown titled “All Fix Versions”, it shows me the list of projects, that I can then expand to see released/unreleasd, etc.

How do I filter to just show me all issues that have Fix Version/s equal to a specific value, such as “R2018a”?



When you use the same fix version for issues in multiple projects, the default hierarchy of “Fix Version” dimension in eazyBI would indeed show fix versions grouped by projects and then the same fix version could appear more than once (1 time per each projects where used).

However, eazyBI also creates by default another hierarchy in the same “Fix Version” dimension to group fix versions by name (from all projects).

Perhaps you could try using ‘By name’ hierarchy of “Fix Version” dimension.

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Thank you, Martins. That was exactly what I needed!

Hi Martins, here is my report design:

Circled in Red at the top right is my Fix Version filter. When I select a Fix Version the data in my table displays:

  1. Epics that have the specific Fix Version assigned
  2. Epics that don’t have that specific Fix Version assigned, but some of the stories/issues under them have

I thought that since I selected Epic level hierarchy for the row data, I would see only Epic-level issues in my report and that the filter will also apply only to Epic-level issues. My need is that I want to see only Epics that have the specific Fix Version attached to them.

Could you help me, please? I hope I have explained the issue clearly enough.

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It would not be enough just to select “Epic” level from “Issue type” filter and fix version to show only epic rows.

In this case, you would also need to filter your report rows by the measure “Epic - Original Estimated hours” or default measure “Issues created”.

Please find how to filter report rows by measure:

Martins / eazyBI support