Filtering epics by fix version and searching for story name in epic link

Hi, I am currently creating an eazyBI report. On the rows, I would like to filter the epic links for a particular release. I thought of doing this as:

[Epic Link].[Epic].Members,
[Measures].[Issue Fix Versions] =

However, this particular code does not result in any epics being displayed.

Additionally, for the columns, I wanted to search in all of the current row epic link for a specific story (each of these epics contains 2 stories, say story A and story B and every epic link has story A and story B as descendants) and output the status of the story in a pivot table. How would I go about coding this?

Essentially something like this:

                story A          story B
epic link 1     done         in progress
epic link 2     in progress       to do

Hi @guanlin ,

Please look into issue link field dimensions, where you can pass down values of select fields from upper-level issues to its children, simplifying the filtering. The “Fix Version” field is one of the select fields, and you could pass down the Epic Fix version to its stories.

See the eazyBI documentation page for more details - Issue link field dimensions - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //

thanks for the awesome information.