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Hi community,

I’m getting the Work In Progress (WIP), but facing problems when playing with labels from Jira.
I have a label common label (let’s say X) for all issues. Apart from this one, some have an extra label (the “third-party” label to show up the issue is related to someone without access to Jira).

These third-party label needs to be excluded from the WIP, so actually, it is a job not being implemented by someone in our team.

The filter I’m using now is:

    --iterate through issues
    --which have label X
    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Label].[X]) > 0
    --and don't have label third_party
    AND IsEmpty(
      ([Measures].[Issues created],

But when applying this filter, the WIP result is not shown anymore. Do you see anything wrong in the filter? Thanks!!

Hi @Robert_Avellaneda_Pa ,
Better option to get the count of those issue would be to subtract from all X label issues, issues that have x and third party label:

([Measures].[Issues created count],
( [Measures].[Issues created count],
  [Label].[third-party and X])

For “third-party and X” you need to create an aggregate in the Label dimension.

Gerda //

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Hi @gerda.grantina ,

Many thanks for the idea!! I tried out but sadly didn’t work…
Here is my try:

  1. Created aggregate, as suggested:
[Label].[third-party and X]=
  1. Then I use the aggregate in my calculated member:
[Measures].[Only X] =
([Measures].[Issues created count], [Label].[X]) 
([Measures].[Issues created count], [Label].[third-party and X])

But the result is showing negative values, which is incorrect. I tried to swap the operators, like

[Measures].[Only X] =
([Measures].[Issues created count], [Label].[third-party and X])
([Measures].[Issues created count], [Label].[X]) 

But the numbers shown are still wrong (some are higher than the real, others lower…) Any suggestion? Thanks.

Hi @Robert_Avellaneda_Pa ,
Yes, it was right to swap the numbers, sorry for typo there.
Can you share you report where you test the measure? If that is some sensative information, feel free to write directly to our support email.

I was checking on my report at issue level with counting app_1 labels and excluding app_2 and the result was like this (I added property “Issue labels” to check what labels the issue have):

Gerda //