Filtering multiple_dates custom field by another date

Hi all,

I am trying to filter data that is being summed from a multiple_dates custom field imported from Jira, filtered based on whether another issue custom field is within a given date range.

For example, I have a set of issues, each of which contains an “Extended Story Points” field that describes a distribution of story points over future months (eg. 1 point in January, 2 points in February, 8 points in March).

I want to chart the total distribution of the sum of story points over future months, but limited to only those issues where a separate custom field (for example, “Committed Date”) is within a certain date range.

For example, for issues where the Committed Date is January 2023, show me the future months’ point distribution for those issues only (summing all points that each issue allocates to each future month) between now and June 2023.

I have “Extended Story Points” imported as a measure with the following definition:

# Extended Story Points
# Field contains multiline data such as:
# 2023-01-01,1
# 2023-02-01,2
# 2023-03-01,8
data_type = "decimal"
measure = true
split_by = ","
multiple_dates = true

“Committed Date” is imported as a measure and a property.

I can successfully plot the sum of all Extended Story Points for all issues (plotted against Time, All Hierarchy Level Members, Month) but I have not found the key to filtering based on the other custom field.

I have tried adding “Issues with Committed Date” (it correctly shows the count of issues committed in that month but I can’t really filter by that) and also “Issue Committed Date” (does not work, is always blank).

How do I get this to work? The Extended Story Points custom field is computed so its output could be changed, if needed.


Although eazyBI is limited to using one single Time dimension, I was able to make this work with two “Time” dimensions by creating a new fake date/time dimension for the other custom field.

The following JavaScript field definition creates a dimension with year/month levels from an existing custom date field customfield_xxxxx, as follows:

data_type = "string"
name = “Committed Date as Dimension"
dimension = true
levels = ["Year","Month"]
split_by = "-"
javascript_code = '''
issue.fields.customfield_committed_date_dimension = 
  ? strftime("%Y-%m", new Date(issue.fields.customfield_xxxxx))
  : null;