Filtering on a field that I dont want to show up in the chart?

I know how to filter on text in the issue name field – if I include the field in my chart.

But how do I include a text filter based on issue name and NOT include that in the chart.

Example, I am graphing open vs closed issues over time. How do I add a filter of “issue name matches (?i)text” to only graph issues that have “text” in the issue name, and NOT include issue as a dimension on the report. Or is there a way to include it for a filter, but not visibly show it.


Filtering based on text is only possible if the field is present in the report. Otherwise, dimensions have to be used.
You could create a new dimension based on the text that can be found in the issue summary by using JavaScript calculated fields. For example, you could return various fragments of text that summary contains to filter by or just return yes or no based on if there is the text that you need to filter by often.

Lauma /