Filtering story points resolved by resolution in calculated measure

Hello everyone,

i would like to filter [Measures].[Story Points resolved] for three resolutions, in order to show those issues as a bar chart inside my burndown chart:
* [Resolution].[Won’t Fix]
* [Resolution].[Won’t Do]
* [Resolution].[Duplicate]

Is there an easy way to do this in a calculated measure (with e.g. the Filter() function)?

Hi @ghahn,

In the eazyBI report, you can split a particular measure (in your case, “Story points resolved”) by a dimension leaving the rest of the measures unchanged.
For your report, you might want to use standard functionality to drill into measure by another dimension. See the documentation: Create report - Drill into measure by another dimension level.

  1. Click on the column “Story points resolved” header and choose option to Drill into → Resolution → Resolution.
  2. Choose to hide empty rows.
  3. You can adjust which resolutions you want to see in the report columns, if necessary. Open the “Resolution” dimension and Search and bookmark resolutions of interest. Then, select them for the report.

Zane /