Find Average Points Completed Per Assignee


I want to calculate the average number of story points completed per assignee per sprint. For example, in sprint 1 there were 6 assignees (team members) and the team completed 70 story points. With simple math I would simply do:

70 / 6 = 11.66

However, I don’t want to create hardcoded references because I want this chart to scale with our team, so I would like EazyBI to count the number of assignees who resolved issues which had story points within a sprint and then divide the sum of completed story points by the number of assignees. I should mention that I want to calculate this for every sprint and show this trended over time.

If we need to define “Team” I’d like to define a team as a group of assignees who completed points within a sprint. This could change from sprint to sprint.

Been beating my head against a wall for a several hours and decided it was time I call in the pros. Thanks!


Hi @ilze.leite was wondering if you could chime in here since you answered another question similarly.


You may want to create a calculated measure with the following formula:

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]>0))

Hope it works!

Ilze /

@ilze.leite bless you!! This is exactly what I needed. The solution I’d built was using Jira Assignee Groups, and really turned into a mess when people moved to other teams and such. This is waaay cleaner! I wish I would have been able to figure this out myself. Thank you!!

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