Find MIN/MAX Values of all Members


for simplicity, I will be referring to the Sales Cube (Sales - FoodMart Demo - eazyBI) in my question, as it is similar to my own cube.

Say we add the products to the rows, then we have the three product categories Drink, Food, and Non-Consumables, together with the three measures Store Sales, Store Cost, and Unit Sales. Say I now want to add a new measure, called Normalized Unit Sales. For this, I need to determine the minimum Unit Sales Value and the maximum Unit Sales value. Let’s just take the minimum value for an example. How would I approach calculating this? I would ideally like to do it through a new measure and MDX code.

Thank you!

Hi @Laura96

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Please explore the standart calculations for the selected measure:

Once you imported new measure “Normalized Unit sales” you could select the Min and Max values for this measure to calculate the minimum and maximum value

Martins / eazyBI