Find remaining estimate for sub-task

Hi Team,
I want create a calculated measure that retain remaining estimate hours for sub-task when sprint start.
But I see this problem:

"The main problem is the lack of Sprint change history for issue sub-tasks in JIRA, as information from issue change log is used to calculate total Sprint scope.

Sub-task updated date is not changed when its parent issue Sprint information is changed;
also, sub-task sprint change history is not saved in its change-log.

We have opened the issue in Atlassian support, but it was closed as duplicated. Original issue 8 by Structure is not resolved yet.

At the moment, only rough workarounds are possible, but they could be very slow and complicated (it requires many iterations in MDX).

Martins / eazyBI support"

Is there any solution for resolve this??
Please help me!

Best regard,

Hi @azade_bagheri,

It is correct, sub-tasks does not have sprint history when a sprint is activated or completed and inherit that information from the parent issue.

You may look for some custom calculation to get the remaining estimated hours of sub-tasks from issue history on the date when a sprint of a parent issue was activated (yes, it is a bit tangled). Check out this community topic with a similar use case:

Zane /