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Hi Experts,
I am trying to create a custom status for EPIC based on JIRA-status and assigned. I was able to do most of my requirement but got stuck on one. Could anyone please help…

Where I am stuck : I am not able to find capture the condition to find when issue is unassigned. I tried [Measures].[Issue assignee] = ‘(unassigned)’) but it dint work.

WHEN [Measures].[Issue type] = “Epic”
WHEN ([Measures].[Issue status] = “Open” AND [Measures].[Issue assignee] = ‘(unassigned)’) THEN “Not Started”
WHEN ([Measures].[Issue status] = “Open” AND [Measures].[Issue assignee] <> “”) THEN “With PO”

	      WHEN [Measures].[Issue status] = "Reopened" THEN "With PO"   
	      WHEN [Measures].[Issue status] = "In Progress" THEN "Development Queue"   



Good job, Rahul!
In this case, instead of [Measures].[Issue assignee] = ‘(unassigned)’) you would need to use IsEmpty() function, and it can be used with NOT as well.
Thanks to your input. We already updated the documentation page with another IsEmpty() use-case.
More on IsEmpty() here:IsEmpty

Ilze Mezite /

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Thank you Ilze for the solution :slight_smile:

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