First and last value 'Transition to status first date'

I am trying to define a measure where I get the first and last value from ‘Transition to status first date’. I managed to highlight the required values I am looking for. Can anyone help me out here?

Hi @Arno_Willems,

The measure “Transition to status first date” is context-sensitive (respond to values on report rows, columns, and pages). For example, it would show the first date and time of transition that happened in the selected period for selected.

If you would like to see the date and time of the first-ever transition for the selected issue, specific transition, or some other criterion, then you might want to create a new calculated measure in Measures. For calculation, use a tuple expression of measure “Transition to status first date” and the default time member to ignore the selected period and transition in between.

([Measures].[Transition to status first date],

There are more details on calculated measures and tuple expression: Calculated measures

Similarly , you can create anew calculated measure to find the latest-ever transition date and time:

([Measures].[Transition to status last date],

Zane /

Thank you so much! This works great

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