Fix Name based on fix versions of a specific project

Our product version development in Jira is spread across multiple projects. We track the total work across the projects by ensuring each project has the same version number.

There’s [Fix Version.By name] calculated measure I can use to easily get a list of all projects that contain a specific version. I’d like to extend this to be more dynamic to list [Fix Name] where all names match the fix versions names in project x.

Is there a way to rewrite the aggregate below to do this without having to manually update a list of versions in with “Matches” statements or some other approach I should take?

Filter([Fix Version.By name].[Name].Members,
[Fix Version.By name].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name MATCHES

Hi @pdaly,
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An easy way to do it is to add Project dimension to Pages and use it to filter your issues by it.

Gerda //

Greetings @gerda.grantina, is there a way to filter versions in time?

Hi @Mauro_Bennici,
could you please specify what do you mean by filtering versions in time?
We have one demo report that shows Versions on Timeline

As well as this - Versions with release date in period -

Maybe that could be something useful for you?

@gerda.grantina yep they’re something close to what I needed, btw I kept working on it and found some kind of way out.

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