Fix Version by Release Date

We’ve started adding release dates to our Fix Versions, which we synchronize across projects. I would like to create a custom member, on the Fix Version dimension, which will group all the Fix Versions with Release Date in a specific time range (we plan by 6-month windows). Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

Hi @grandeau,

You could try to create a calculated member in the Fix Version dimension using the DateBetween function. Please have a look at the formula below:

    [Fix Version].[Fix Version].Members,
    DateBetween([Fix Version].CurrentMember.get('Release date'), now(), '6 months from now')

The function DateBetween returns if a date is between two other dates. It takes three parameters:

  • the date you are interested in;
  • the start date;
  • the end date.

Please have a look at our documentation page for more information about this function -

Robert // eazyBI staff

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