Fix version - get sum of custom field


I try to get a sum of the numeric customfield of initiative in a fix version.
If I create a table with dimensions
1 - FIx Version
2 - Issue
If I select a specific version in ‘fix version’ and ‘Initiative’ in ‘Issue’, I have the information on each line of Initiative, filtered by version.
But there is not sum of the customfield in the first line.
So How can I aggregate (?) or sum this value in the ‘all issue’?

Hi @Fabrice_Maguy ,
You should import your custom field as measure; during the import, eazyBI will create a set of measures based on your custom field: Jira custom fields
Then use one of the created measures in your report, and the measure will aggregate (sum) values automatically at the upper level of your hierarchy:

Gerda //