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My teams do a lot of over-planning and deferring of work. A common report we view is a Deferral Report, using JQL logic like:

FixVersion was in (xxx) on (DATE) AND fixversion != xxx

I keep getting requests to “add those cool dropdowns” for Priority, Assignee Group, and several custom attributes. Unfortunately, I cannot, since eazyBI does not support history on mutl-select fields. Please consider adding this, in the future. This would help us replace our Jira gadgets with reports built around eazyBI.


Hi @grandeau,

You are right, Fix version is a multi-select field in Jira, and eazyBI does not support change history for it.

Some other customers have requested the same feature to analyze history of Fix versions and we have it in our backlog, but I can not give any estimates as we are still looking for an appropriate solution. I will post here when something new appears.

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Zane /


Thanks, Zane. Hopefully this will make it’s way up the backlog.