Fix Version Page/Filter with to many options

Hi, I am having a problem with the filter (Pages) in a graph.

  1. I am trying to use the Fix Version Dimension as a page, and in my database I have to many registers. So the filter ask to me to use de “search” function, as image below:
  2. When I use it, I find the Project that I want, but when I click in the “+” option it don’t open the hierarchy to show me Fix Versions that I have, as image below:
  3. So, I can’t select the Fix Version, because I can’t find this option in the filter. I need to see the options, as image below.

I think it’s not showing the option because they do’nt have the substring that I use in the “Search”.

Could you help to find some way to solve this issue?
It could be something like a composite filter using “Project” and “Fix version” together. But this way, the “Fix Version” filter should show me only the options inside the selected Project.

Thank you for your support


Suggest you will select in dimension- “fixversion by name” (from image looks as currently you select fixversion by status)

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Thank you, for our answer.

But I have one more question. There is some way to only show the “Fix Version” that exist in the select project in the previus filter?

Because now, its showing all the “fix versions” in the enviroment.

Hi Casimiro,

Your observations are correct: dimensions in Pages are independent, and, currently, the selection from Project dimension does not limit the value list for other related dimensions.
Though, we have a feature request to solve that problem in a future (no ETA yet).


Hi Ilze, thank you for your answer.

If possible, I would like to ask some priority for this feature. It will help us a lot to configure dashboards.

Regards, Casimiro.

Hi Ilze,

In this case, even if Pages work indenpendent, isn’t it possible to create a calculated member in “Fix Version” or another dimension that filters and aggregates the “Fix Versions” according to what was selected in page “Project” ?



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Hi @Casimiro,
I wanted to let you know that we have released eazyBI version 6.5 this summer. We included the feature to have the Nonempty option in the Pages in this version.

Please see a list of all changes: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira

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