Fix versions with and without levels

i did a report that shows the releases that are released from 1 week ago and today.
Looks fine but i don’t know why some projects have 1 more lvl of "folders"for example:

In the image the project Android Seed has another level of folders and the Angular components project it displays directly the releases.

Why this is happening?


Hi @jcaocao

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

You may want to recreate the report in the following way:

  1. Add Fix version dimension both in Rows and in Pages
  • In Pages, select a specific project or “Released” from this project
  • In rows, select Version level only
  1. In columns,
  • add “Version release date” from Measures > Other properties and set a date filter on rows with an expression between “1 week ago and now” to filter only version with a release date within this time period.
  • add all other measures you need in the report.

See how it would look:

Hope you get the report you need!

Ilze /

Hello, thats not what i want. I already like the way i did my report because for us is more important to show all the projects that has a release than going through every fix version or project but thanks anyways.