FixVersion Release Date Report

I’m trying to create a Release Metrics report that shows the FixVersion Release Date while it is unreleased, and the updated FixVersion Release Date after the FixVersion has been released and the Release date has been updated.

When creating a FixVersion, the orginal release date was 7/10/2023, when the FixVersion is moved to ‘Released’ and the FixVersion Release Date is changed to 7/12/2023. I would like to track that Release Date change.

The Test Prior Version Release Date - Would be the original date before it was Released.


Here is the Calculated Measure I tried to build:


Hello @jts1984

​The Fix Version release date changes are not imported into eazyBI.
​If you would like to manually change the release date in eazyBI, you could try the formula below, however, it would change the release date for all Fix Versions, selected in your Rows. If you know which dates need to be changed for particular fix versions, you could use the CASE statement (CASE statement) to indicate when the changed release date needs to be displayed. Let me know if you need help with writing the CASE statement.

[Fix Version].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Release date'),-2)

​Best wishes,

Elita from