Follow Remaining Estimated Hours variation


I would like to follow the workload management, and especially the remaining estimated hours (REH). It seems that the REH is not stocked with a date value.

Is there any way to historicize the remaining estimated hours by issue end of each week and follow its variation along several weeks ?

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Hi @Alexis_Cognacq!

If you select the import of Jira issue change history, you will also get a measure Remaining estimated hours history. This measure shows the total remaining estimated hours by the end of the selected period

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Hi @lauma.cirule,

Tkan you for your reply. I have one more question about this topic. If I want to edit remaining hours estimate value two months ago (because I see today that value was wrong two months ago), is it possible in JIRA to update the remaing hours estimate of a previous period ?

Thank you very much.

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@Alexis_Cognacq ,

eazyBI takes the remaining estimate and the date the estimate was set from the Jira issue changelog that you can see in the history tab. I am not familiar with an option to specify on what date the history entry is made. Maybe Atlassian support has some suggestion about editing past Remaining estimate values.

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