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we have lots of eazyBI charts and tables implemented in confluence, from where we export pdfs. The eazyBI tables unfortunately look weird in confluence and in the pdf because their font size is very small and according to my knowledge cannot be changed.

We use an app for the pdf export, which unfortunately also cannot change the font size of the eazyBI tables. According to the developers of said app, this seems to be because the eazyBI macro outputs this content not as a table but instead as an image. Therefore the font size would have to be changed directly in eazyBI.

Is there any way to increase the font size of eazyBI tables?

Thanks for your help!

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Paul Maierhofer

Hi @Paul_Maierhofer,

No, the font size of the eazyBI table cannot be adjusted from UI.
Nevertheless, we suggest using the eazyBI Confluence app to embed eazyBI reports in Confluence pages. Gadgets embedded using this app should export with Confluence PDF export.

If the eazyBI report “looks weird” in your Confluence app, please send some more information about the configuration and screenshots to so we can see if there is some configuration missing.

Lauma /

We experience the same. The reports now looking a bit unprofessional because of the small EasyBI tables, there is enough real estate for larger tables. Actually we would like the table to use the same font as the rest of the document.

Do you need additional information? Are you going to fix this?

Yes, could you please share your case with us over e-mail ( as well? Is it also related to exports or display on the Confluence page?

Lauma /

Hi all,

Thank you for raising this issue! I wanted to inform you that the confluence PDF export for eazyBI charts has been fixed now. If you experience any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact

Lauma /