For a chart with multiple y axes, is it possible to set both axes to always have the same min and max settings?

• I have a column chart with two separate Y axes, so that I can control how measures are stacked.
• A viewer of the chart can select a filter representing the scrum team (i.e., that custom field is configured as one of the chart Page dimensions).
• I can in the chart definition set each of the two Y axes to have the same hardcoded Min and Max values, so that they both use the same scale for displaying the data.

When the chart viewer filters to a specific scrum team, the scale for the chart may need to be reset to best fit the data. As soon as the viewer does that, the two Y axes may no longer be set to use the same Min and Max values, so the data might be displayed in a misleading way (because the viewer no longer realizes that the axes are no longer aligned with each other).

Is there any way to set the two Y axes to always share the same Min and Max values as each other, so that even if the data is filtered and the scale for the chart re-set by the viewer, the scales for the two Y axes are always kept “in sync” with each other?


Hi Jason,

This is a hack for the charts as we experienced the same issue as you.

Example: with issues resolved measure

  1. Create a new measure in this case “*” so that it’s not easily visible in the report
  2. Set * with the max number. In this case “100”.
  3. Set the color “white” so that it blends with the background.
  4. If someone changes the measure (e.g. issue due), it will keep the same Y axis range as long as it doesn’t exceed, the dummy measure.


Eli Solutions

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If you need to have the same scale for two differently stacked columns, the solution is not to separate axes. That is the safest solution for adjusting the scale to the measures’ values since the scale is adjusted automatically.

You can first stack all the measures and then remove from the stack some of them:

Now we have a report with a single axis automatically adjusting to different filters.

Janis, eazyBI support

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Thank you Janis! I didn’t know that you could disable stacking in such a way. This solution serves my needs perfectly!