Formula for the metric "sprint issues completed" shows stories that have not transitioned to Done

One of the EaZyBI measures causes the count of completed sprint issues to be wrong. In the formula for the metric “sprint issues completed” (under the Agile group of measures), a check is done on “transition status category” to determine if an issue is done. Though I cannot find where “transition.status.category” is defined, I can tell by reporting it that the category “done” for stories includes the statuses “closed”, “canceled”, “done”, “duplicate”, “dev complete”, and “ready for development”. The last two of these should NOT be included in transition category “Done”. They should be in the category “In Progress”. Because the project sometimes has stories that span sprints, any story in status “dev complete” or “ready for development” at the end of a sprint gets reported as “Done”, even though development and/or testing remains to be done on it.

Is it possible to get an updated “transition status category” definition that corrects this problem for all the measures that could be affected?

I have this formula which returns status that are not done
[Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done]

Can there be a way to exclude certain statuses like dev complete by somehow changing the formula above?

Hi community / eazyBI staff - I got the same question. Would be appreciated if someone could come back on this!

The issue I see with counting cancelled stories as done is that essentially it ruins velocity metrics. If say 10 stories get added, but 9 cancelled in day 2 of the sprint and 1 properly resolved / completed end of sprint, then the velocity should be 1 and not 10.

Hi @eazyBi_starter, @zoki1411

eazyBI can’t take into account the status configurations in each Board as they can differ from Board to Board. For this reason, eazyBI uses the Jira Status category ‘Done’. You can find out more about the status categories in the Jira Knowledgebase -

You can change the status category in Jira. The other option is creating a new calculated member in the Transition Status dimension that aggregates the statuses considered done in your case. Please have a look at this community post on how to proceed - JIRA and EAZYBI data mismatch.

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