Freeze row headers

Sometimes we have reports that are very wide, especially when a user drills into a column with lots of children. It would be great if we could freeze the row headers just like we can with column headers.

Hi Joe,

That would definitely be a helpful improvement. While we don’t have plans on the roadmap to add freezing of row headers, we will keep you posted if anything changes.

Martins / eazyBI support

Support for freezing Rows headers (dimension memebr names) is included in eazyBI version 6.0. You would like to use the same option Freeze headers and this would freeze both Rows headers and Columns headers.

Daina /

Thanks for the update! I tested it out on some of our extra wide reports and it works great. I noticed it even works when the report is embedded in a Jira dashboard, which is super cool. If frozen column headers worked in that context too, it would be paradise… :grin:

Thanks for the great work, EazyBI team.