Gantt chart help

Hi, Im referring to this example here

and Specifically this code section here to create the coloured bars.

[Measures].[Issues created] > 0
[Measures].[Issues resolved]
[Measures].[Issues created]

Qn 1) At which % threshold does the green/red/blue colours appear?

Qn 2) Why does the Calculated field as per formula above show as blank even when I have at least One issue per epic?

eg of my measures below

Hi @admin01,

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Regarding your first question about colors

  • green - completed tasks, from the percentage in the field “Issue resolved%”;
  • red - overdue tasks. Displays the remainder of the percentage if the “End date” is past the current date. For example, let’s take the “Issues resolved %” value 67% - 67% of the will be colored green, and the rest 23% will be red because the “End date” is already in the past and it is considered over-due;
  • blue - upcoming tasks, milestones and completed tasks without completion ratio;
  • grey - a group of tasks.

Please read more about this on our documentation page -

"Issues resolved %" blank
The values are probably blank because there are no issues resolved - the measure “Issues resolved” is empty for the Epic and thus the calculation returns empty values. If you want the calculation to display zeros for those values, you can add the CoalesceEmpty() function. Please read more about it on our documentation page -

Roberts // eazyBI support

Hi Team,
Is there any easyBI Plugin for getting more colors for Gantt chart timeline(other than blue, green) and need to customize colors based on the status (Gather requirments, Inflight, inprogress, onhold, closed)

Hi @lakshmi ,

The Gantt chart currently doesn’t have additional coloring options. We do have a feature regarding that in our backlog. I added your vote to it. Currently, I don’t have any estimates.

Roberts //