Gantt Chart Milestones

I’ve searched the gantt chart topics and haven’t found one quite similar to this question/request.

I have multiple dates in a jira ticket and I’d like to reflect those dates on a gantt chart. They are effectively milestones.

Yes, I could use fix versions to represent this but that’s a bit of a pain when tracking across multiple issues, having to release the versions, etc.

Is this possible whereby the gantt chart would display the line between start date and due date and then have dots or some other kind of marker in the line to show the dates that are coming up?

For example:

Feature Request A:

Start Date: January 18th
Product Review: January 31st
Internal Stakeholder Review: February 13th
Deployment Date: February 16th
Customer Review: February 23rd
Due Date: February 25th

This way we could see the upcoming dates for each “milestone” in the gantt view.



Thank you for letting us know.
There is a close workaround, however, using the “range” option of the bar chart.

Please, check this example report on our public Demo account: Blocker Story Plan (Bar as Gantt) - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

Janis, eazyBI support

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thank you! this will definitely work until a full solution comes along