Gantt Chart view does not show intiatives

Hi, I want to filter by Issue Type “Initiative” on Gantt Chart view so I can see all Epics and User Stories linked when I press the “+” button. However, on EazyBi it seems to bypass this and only show me Epics and User Stories. When I click Initiatives, nothing comes up at all?

I have checked dimensions and selected all Issue types but still nothing.

Hi @Akash_Bodalia,

Please provide more details about your report and how you have built the issue hierarchy in Jira. By default, eazyBI recognizes the Epic hierarchy as it has a clear-cut structure. With Advanced Roadmaps for Jira, eazyBI also recognizes the defined hierarchy. However, in Cloud, additional steps are required - Advanced Roadmaps custom fields.

You must define the additional hierarchy in eazyBI for custom hierarchies built with issue links. Please see an excellent resource here in the community site - How to create an additional issue hierarchy and our documentation page regarding that - Additional Issue hierarchies.

Once you have done that, you can select and expand the hierarchy into all its levels.

Roberts //