Gantt with time spent in a specific board column

Hello eazyBi community!

Apologies if this question has already been addressed in this forum but I could not find the right answer.
I’m trying to create a gantt chart which shows the time spend of each Issue in an Epic in a specific column of their board.
Let’s make an example with a JIRA board structured with 4 statuses: TO DO | DEVELOPMENT | TESTING | DONE.
I managed to create a nice gantt putting in the columns the measures “Issue Progress start date” and “Issue Progress end date”, but that shows the whole amount of time in all the in progress statuses mapped by JIRA, whereas I need to see the exact DEVELOPMENT status.

Ideally it would be amazing if the gantt could show the time spent in each column of the board, however if this is not possible, being at least able to see one specific column would be a good starting point.

Hope the question is clear!

Thank you,