Generate bar chart based Jira issue Creation Hours

I’m fairly new to EazyBi and very new to this forum so be gentle… :grinning:

We want to create a report about Jira tickets that has a bar chart for each hour of the day and shows how many tickets are created in that hour. This would be an aggregate over some period of weeks or months.

The goal is to determine the hourly load so that we can staff correctly – we want more people on when more tickets are created.

Seems like a THING that people would need but I can’t see a way to do it in EazyBi.


Welcome to the community.

eazyBI imports daily values by default. However, you can extend this by defining a new dimension during import to get hourly values. Then you can use this dimension in reports and eazyBI will split values by issue created hour.

See this community topic on how to achieve this:

It goes deeper in out-of-hours reporting, but you can use it as a basis to get an overview of how an issue creation is split during the day.

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That goes pretty deep but it worked! I had to have some help from a colleague but that was great! THANK YOU!

I did notice that some tickets are in the “wrong” bucket. That is, they return the wrong number compared to their creation date. It’s weird because there will be 4 issues in, say, hour 5 that belong there and 4 more that belong in hour 4.

For the use case, this seems acceptable since the errors are just a few percent of the total and never off by more than an hour (recall that we’re trying to scale our staffing so close enough if good enough).

But can you give me any hints about what it might be just so I can learn about it?

Thanks again,