Generate test-plan vs execution vs bugs report

I have a nightly run that makes the following:
generate several x-ray execution from several x-ray test plans and execute them
my goal is to generate a report that will look as follow:

  1. control the version - choose several test plans ( I guess I need to set ‘fix version’ and ‘x-ray test plan’ as pages)
  2. a table :
    |test plan | test execution(that linked to the specific test plan) | all the defects from the TEST that executed in the test execution|

***important note: the link is from TEST <–> BUG and not from TEST EXECUTION <–>BUG

any help pls? thanks


eazyBI has integration with Xray, and all the components to build the report are available. For your report, you might want to use Xrays specific dimensions “Xray Test Plan”, “Xray Test Execution”, and " Xray Defect" and measures “Xray Test Runs” and “Xray Tests defect count”.

You can also drill into measure “Xray Test Runs” by test execution status dimension to see test execution results. See the documentation on how to Drill into measure by another dimension level.

The report might look like this:

If the defect is registered during a test run, a defect is automatically linked to both Test and Test Execution.

For more details on how to import Xray data and descriptions of mentioned Xray dimensions and measures, visit documentation: Xray Test Management - eazyBI for Jira.

Zane /