Generating Sprint Completion Rate Report

How to generate this specific Sprint Completion Rate Report.

Only Story and Defect Issue Type needs to be take in Account.


As the Sprint completion rate is measured regarding the Story points classes, the report can use the Story points dimension and show the result for each story point class. For that, you first need to check if you have selected the story points to import as the dimension.

The idea of the solution is to check how many issues are committed to each sprint, and how many times issues are commited to sprints for each of the Story points class. Please note, that issue is committed to the sprint when it is assigned to the sprint at the sprint start. For that, you can use the standard measure of eazyBI “Sprint Issues committed” which can work only with the Sprint.

Following is the count of distinct issues committed to a sprint (“Sprint issue committed count”):

    [Measures].[Issues created]>0
    [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]>0))

Following is the formula to count the total committed issues (“Sprint committed Issues”):

  [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]  

Please, use the tuples in the formulas to filter the counts by specific Issue types, or add the issue type dimension with some calculated member in the report.

Completion rate:

[Measures].[Sprint committed Issues]/
[Measures].[Sprint issue committed count]

You can create the following report to show the Completion rate by story point classes:

Janis, eazyBI support

This report does not take account into Story points, I need Story points as column and Issue in Row
Completion rate does not take into account sprint points.

Also I don’t want issue which are not in any sprint
I have issues with (no sprint) which I don’t want in Report.