Get Assignee per Group in Dimension

Hello everyone!

I need to filter the assignees of a certain project in the page area.

In the page hierarchy I am using (in this order):
IssueType = Initiative
Assignee = All Assignee with Nonempty activated

But it does not filter only the assignees below this issue type.

Can you help me on how to filter assignee of a specific project by defining “Define calculated member formula” ?

Hi @Patricia

In the latest eazyBI version 6.5. (and on Cloud), you can enable “nonempty” option in Pages as well, not only in Rows.

It does exactly that: if you select Issue type and Assignee dimensions (in that exact order) in Pages and select a value in the left dimension, e.g., Issue type, then the values in the dimensions to the right, e.g., Assignee, will display only relevant members (i.e. assignees which are assigned for this issue type). Read more: Create reports


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