Get data to display on Sharepoint

My users want to display their Jira Software issue status on their Sharepoint online project page.
Like issues in progress, done last week listed up in a table.
How can I do that?
I tried creating a report and having it embedded (with a token), but that requires reduced security:

Hi @DimiXAC,

Iframe with a secure token is the supported way how to publish eazyBI for Jira reports on Sharepoint or any other web page ( If you are concerned about security, in that case, you might consider additional precautions by limiting available data and activities:

  1. Disable report actions, like, drill through issues for embedded reports.

  2. Create a separate account with limited data and (or) masked sensitive data for reports you are going to publish in Sharepoint. For example, in the data cube, import only those projects and custom fields that are relevant for the Sharpoint page.
    Some ideas on account management you may check out in our training video:

Zane /