Get measure at give time


I am trying to get the value of remaining hours at the sprint start date, since from what I can tell the original hours are for when the sprint got created not on sprint start date?

I have tried the following:
([Measures].[Remaining estimated hours history],
[Measures].[Sprint start date])

But I get:
Formula is not valid:
Tuple contains more than one member of hierarchy ‘[Measures]’.

Something else I want to use this for is getting the number of hours removed between the start and end of sprint.

Any help is really appreciated!

Hi Eduardo,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

When you create a tuple, you can use each dimension only once in the tuple; in the calculation formula, [Measures] dimension is mentioned twice, and it causes the error.

I would suggest using default Sprint measures “ [Measures].[Sprint remaining estimated hours added]” and “[Measures].[Sprint remaining estimated hours removed] . They show remaining estimated hours of issues at the moment when they were added or removed to the sprint.
Based on those measures, you may create new calculated measures to get the remaining estimated hours committed and at sprint closing. Please check out eazyBI demo report where you can find such calculated measures and reuse them (the demo report is half-empty as we do not have proper data imported there).


Ilze /