Get measure value at a specific date

I am quite a beginner in EazyBI/MDX.
I am already tracking the Remaining estimated hours over time.

I then want to get the value of Remaining estimated hours history at a fixed date: 1 month ago from today. As I am writing, today is Nov.9th, so that would be the value on Oct.9th, so the value I should get is 555.33

I tried this way:
([Measures].[Remaining estimated hours history], [Time].[Day].DateMember(DateParse(‘1 month ago’)))

However that returns nothing…
Can you help me figure out what is not working?

Hi @Maxime_Rocchia,

It seems you have asked the same question twice. Please see the answer here - Getting measure value at a specific date - #2 by roberts.cacus.

Roberts //