Get number of resolved issues by time

We’ve been showing for a while how much bug we resolve by month until we discover that our graph shows only how much issue created in the same month or quarter we resolve.

What we show now :
Ho much bug we created and resolve in the same quarter or month


Using : ([Measures].[Bugs Created],[Status].[Resolved (All)])
Where : Resolved (All) is an aggregate of many status
What we want :
How much bug we resolve, no matter date of creation

Any help please

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Hi @Hamza

To get issues counted by the issue resolution day (no matter when they are created), use measure “Issues resolved”.
To get only resolved bugs, add dimension Issue type in Pages and select “Bug”. Another option is to create a new measure with a tuple from measure “Issues resolved” and Issue type Bug.

In case, if you are interested in issues created and resolved in the same time period, please check the demo report:

Ilze /

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