Get Planned Capacity number for all issues with Specific lable

Hi, we have customized field created which is Planned capacity - it is a number field.
I am trying to create a graph which will show the total number of Planned capacity and estimates per month by decision.
The planned capacity will always show as (none) for the decision field since this is not being assessed by the team.

I would like to separate the columns for A. (none) Planned capacity with start date and B. (none) for original estimated hours with target start . All the remaining decision will retain.

Please let me know if this is possible. thanks.

HI @Jim

Do I understand correctly that you need to count planned capacity by the Start date, not by the Target start? Is the ‚ÄúStart date‚ÄĚ a custom field? Then import it as a measure, and a measure ‚ÄúPlanned Capacity with start date‚ÄĚ will be created during data import; use it instead in the report‚Ķ

Also, as Planned Capacity value is not displayed for other decisions, you may split only ‚ÄúOriginal estimated hours with target date‚ÄĚ measure by decisions.
To do that,

  1. temporarily remove ‚ÄúDecisions‚ÄĚ dimension from the report
  2. move Measures to columns
  3. drill into dimension ‚ÄúDecisions‚ÄĚ only from measure ‚ÄúOriginal estimated hours with target date‚ÄĚ; read how to drill into measure by another dimension here: Create reports

To illustrate how it would look, I used ‚ÄúOriginal estimated hours‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúHours spent‚ÄĚ split by Logged by in the example:


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Thank you so much! that works!!