Get Status of Issues by Label

Hi team,

I’m creating a report for status of all Open Epics, with the following column criteria:

  • epic status - DONE
  • epic assignee - DONE
  • epic key - DONE
  • status of issue in epics by label (each label has its own column) - TO DO

So far, my report has been setup with the items marked as DONE above:

The next step is to pull the status of Decision issue types that are linked to each epic and has a particular label.

For example, I was attempting to pull the current status of a Decision issue type with the WA_1 for each Epic. This should be repeated with other labels in other Decision issue types.

I’m still new in working this out, and so far, the image above is how far I’ve gotten.

Can you help?


You can use function Generate over a set of Status and filter statuses with particular issue type and label:

   ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Issue Type].[Decision],
    [Label].[WA_1]) > 0
  [Status].CurrentMember.Name || " - " || 
   ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Issue Type].[Decision],
    [Label].[WA_1]) , "#")
  , Chr(10)

The formula supports cases when you have several issues with this label and issue type. It will show how many issues matching those criteria have a particular status:

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