Get the open tickets evolution over the period


I’m trying to get the count of the open issues in the system over a given period, precisely I need to see how many open tickets I have each month (the tickets pipe or active backlog).

I had a look to all existing (predefined) measures (even the Open) but none applies.
Is there a simple way to get this counter over time?


I’m coming back on this question as I have searched a bit more and I noticed that the problem I have comes from the fact that some of the tickets I have imported have the property “Closed at” already set to a date, even though they are still open.
As the “Closed” measure is based on this property, all these cases are seen as closed, thus the “Open” predefined measure seemed to be not working.

the measure is good and the problem is on my side

apologies for having requested this!


Hi @anitu ,

Actually, the predefined measure “Open issues” looks at unresolved issues. You can see that by viewing the measure formula. eazyBI considers issues resolved if they have a resolution and a resolution date.

I hope you will be able to resolve the problem.

Roberts //

Hi Roberts,
I’ve found the solution
thank you for you support and answers.